Pelletizing is a mechanical process for producing pellets (beads) having a diameter 0.5 to 4 mm. In our process can be performed to form palletizing any white zinc produced at the plant in Oława Zinc Oxide and EP8. The advantage of palletizing process is mainly to increase the speci c gravity of the starting material. The standard density is 300-400g / dm3. After palletizing he grows up to 1200g / dm3. The e ect is to reduce the formation of dust balls the product during its use at the destination. This signi cantly improves the rates of NDS. Changed physical form also allows you to improve the transport properties of the material so in pneumatic systems as well as mechanical. The hardness of the granules is large enough to perfectly dispense the product. At the same time, it is small enough to be able to rub pellet between his  ngers. Because of the size of pellets 0.5 - 4mm distribute our product better in mixtures with a similar range of granulation. Our technology allows the production of zinc oxide pelletizing without the addition of any reagent or binding medium.



3x higher density than the powder size 0.5 - 4mm

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