Development of the energy saving technology for production of qualified white zinc from the primary zinc, secondary zinc and zinc waste.

The total amount of expenditures for the implementation of the project (Polish zloty) 3.095.385

Value of the subsidy (Polish zloty) 2.193.840

The implementation period March 1st, 2016 – November 30th, 2017

The project co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development. The development of new technologies has been possible thanks to the realization of the above mentioned projects in the program GEKON II – ENVIRONMENTAL CONCEPTS GENERATOR.

As a result of the implementation of the project ther will be developed internationally unique manufacturing technology of high-quality zinc white, that will ensure maximum use of raw zinciferous materials.

Development and implementation of this new technology will bring the following benefits:

  • reduction of the energy consumption of productions related to the consumption of gas and electricity,
  • reduction of energy consumption ratio in the production of zinc white
  • the maximum recovery of zinc from created within installation of waste,
  • introduction of technology less burdensome for environment and a more secure for a man inter alia by significantly lowering emission of CO2 , NOx, CO, SO2 resulting mainly from a reduction of gas consumption.

Realization of numerous studies during implementation of this project is a result of the development of energy-efficient technology of production, by using a mixture of various zinc materials, zinc white of required by our customers of the physico-chemical properties. According to assumptions, the new technology will help reduce costs through saving of gas , electicity , which will result in reduction of impact of our plant on environment and at the same time will allow us to obtain better production effects.

ZM SILESIA SA cooperates in the implementation of the project with the Institute Of Non-Ferrous Metals In Gliwice, for enrichment of a suitable scientific research base. The choice lMN (Institute Of Non-Ferrous Metals In Gliwice) in Gliwice results from its rich interdisciplinary experience in realization and management of research projects, development works and implementation of innovative technologies.

The proposed technology will provide:

  • production of zinc white of quality fully corresponding to the requirements of customers
  • recovery of zinc waste of external origin
  • maximum automation and balancing the production process
  • limitation of contamination emission to the air

Summing up, development of the new energy saving technology resulting from B+R works assumed in the the realized project, creates a chance to achieve the maximum ecology effect, through significant reduction in the consumption of gas and electricity.

Extension of the model test stand / implementation of results from the GEKON II program – ECOLOGICAL CONCEPTS GENERATOR.

As part of the project “Developed energy-saving technologies for producing qualified zinc oxide from the primary, secondary and waste zinc” co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development under the program

GEKON II – ECOLOGICAL CONCEPT GENERATOR, based on developed guidelines: developed, built and launched in ZM SILESIA SA Huta Oława Branch Feniks Plant in Będzin model test stand designed to the production of zinc white. ZnO manufacturing trials carried out on the model test stand confirmed achievement of the assumed parameters in relation to current technologies

ie: saving energy and gas, reducing zinciferous waste generated in the installation, obtaining quality that meets the requirements of our customers.

The furnace for the production of zinc white (made by Przedsiębiorstwo Techniki Cieplnej “PIECOSERWIS” Sp. Z oo from Gliwice) consists of a melting section (tilting pot furnace) equipped with a directly heating and zinc melting burner and section for zinc evaporation (crucible furnace) in whose burners heat the crucible walls without direct access to the evaporating zinc. Crucibles enabling zinc evaporation are filling in cyclically with liquid zinc melted in the melting furnace.

The layout of the melting furnace and the vaporising furnace equipped with three crucibles is shown in the photo below.